Digital Mission

We as a Great Commission Ministry Ethiopia Digital Strategies team we have two concrete reasons to do mission digitally. The first is its because the digital arena is our mission field and the second one is it is because it is our  Battlefield. When we said it is our Mission field as a ministry exists to fulfill the great commission and also as we directed by Christ we need to go to the world to make disciples. And The current statistics showed us 60% of the world is on the internet the rest will be expected to be online soon in the future. this literally shows where we should go to meet the world which is digital. That’s why we mobilize churches, ministries, and individuals to consider digital strategies and tools to deliver the gospel for the world.

Here in the Digital Mission team, we have two major assignments the first is building a digital Mission Movement across the country and the second one is practicing a Digital Ministry.

The following lists show the list of activities perform by the Digital team members and associates.

Movement Aspect 

  1. Promoting digital Strategies and tools in Highschool, Campus and Local Church Ministries.

  2. Supporting local churches, high schools, and campus fellowships to establish a digital mission team and start a digital ministry.

  3. Equipping partners with digital tools and techniques.

  4. Recruiting digital missionaries across the country

  5. Follow up churches and ministries to sustain the movement.

  6. Hosting indigitious community meetup

Ministry Aspect 

  1. Doing evangelism on different digital platforms

  2. Managing social media channels

  3. Managing mobile apps

  4. Managing websites

  5. Digital content productions

Our major target areas

  1. Highschool fellowships

  2. Campus fellowships

  3. Local Churches

  4. Ministries

  5. Bible colleges 

Team members 

  1. Tokuma Yigezu

  2. Senay Kumelachew

  3. Muluken Mengistu

  4. Rediet Kifetew

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