Technology & Innovation

Technology & Innovation Department Team is led by Biniam Kassahun

The department focuses on

  • Building a Technology tool needed for the Ministry

  • Helping, Guiding, and mentoring others in using the technology for the kingdom works

  • Organizing Hackathons and Collaborate with other technology communities to work together for the Kingdom

  • Mentoring and Training Internship Students from different Universities

  • Working On Innovative Ideas and Inspire peoples with technology to participate in The KingdomWorks 

The Department Composition

  • Currently, We have 

    • 7 Full-Time Professionals

    • Internship Students

    • Big Tech Community which is readily available and takes part in different hackathon events and programs. 

  • Professions

    • 3 Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduates

    • 3 Software Engineering Graduates

    • 1 Computer Science Graduates

Team Experience

Most of our professionals have great experience and developed different kinds of technology skills starting from their childhood time. These also helped us a lot in working together 

  • DevOps

    • Software Development Skills

      • Java (Native Android App)  Development

      • Swift and Objective C (Native IOS App) Development

      • IONIC (Hybrid Apps) Development

      • PHP (Laravel and Zend ) Developers

      • Native Python Development 

      • JS (Angular Web App) Development

    • Hardware Development Skills

      • Interfacing (Interfacing Hardware With Software)

      • Circuit Development (Building Small Controller Circuits 

    • Project Management Skills

      • Github, Bitbucket

      • Slack, Google Doc (Documentation and Communication)




DeepLife Discipleship System is Designed To Help people become better disciples and helps them to focus on discipleship and evaluate themselves.



Turumbah is a system created to help individuals and leaders build drip campaigns and custom conversations using WhatsApp.

Chewa Kal

Chewa Kal

“ጨዋ ቃል” is a mobile game developed for kids between 3-7 to teach them the word of God while playing their favorite game

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