Train & Grow

Looking to move forward in your spiritual journey? We have the content to help you, from learning about core beliefs of the Christian faith to individual devotionals and resources on prayer and fasting.


Spirit-Filled Life

Find out how to experience the abundant and fruitful life promised by Jesus as the result of being directed and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

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Grow Your Faith

What Happens When You Pray?

How we understand prayer shapes our expectations of God and colors our relationship with Him.

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How to Study the Bible

Discover how to explore the Bible, connect it with the present and apply it to your life.

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Christian and the Bible

Study the various names of the Bible.

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“Great Commission Ministry has deepened my faith and strengthened my beliefs. Caleb introduced me to Great Commission Ministry last year and has helped me learn and understand what it means to be a follower of Christ. I hope to go on summer mission sometime with Great Commission Ministry to spread the gospel elsewhere. To him and the Great Commission Ministry community, I thank!”

– Collin Lee

Coronavirus(COVID-19) How to Deal with the Anxiety

Here’s a reliable way to deal with the anxiety, stress of the Coronavirus or any worry, and live with greater peace…


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