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Cherinet Alemu

Training and Mobilization Team Leader

Join us in this exciting journey of reaching a future online community for Christ


There is a great need for the gospel in high school and college universities mainly in the online space today. Although many concerned local churches have the desire, they lack the resources and strategy to reach the young minds.

But God has given me this harvest and had a calling to be a  missionary, I am committed to bringing the gospel to my generation in digital space and in my community. Over the past decade, the population of Ethiopia is more teenage and young because of this online engagement has grown rapidly and our digital ministry is getting a great opportunity to create a spiritual movement that has seen God move in amazing ways in the lives of many students, the younger generation who continuously commit their lives to Him.

 I invite you to join me in this exciting journey of reaching more people for Christ!

Who I am

Cherinet Alemu is a young and a full-time missionary at the Ethiopian cru office and serve as a Digital missioner under the Ethiopian Digital department, focusing on the battlefield of the digital space and preparing and training mentors, coaching mentors to responding the online request of people from our digital tools and social media who are seeking the replay for there spiritual questions and life issue. Also serve as a digital strategist who can see the opportunity and propose the tools, social media strategies, and more platforms to reach the teenage and the young generation who seek life purpose and real answers for their inner peace. 

To do this, train high school leaders, church youth leaders, and college leaders to help accomplish the Great Commission of Christ as outlined in Matthew 28:18-20. I care deeply about connecting people to Jesus

What I Do with my team

As a digital strategist and our strategy can be summed up with three keywords: WIN BUILD SEND


We engage online and offline communities about Christ in many ways. We help them understand what separates them from God: unbelief, guilt, shame, fear, and sin. We bring exposure to the Gospel on campus, in high school, and in churches through



Our online ministry is about changing lives. We help students, young adults, and churches  grow in their relationship with God through:

  • Discipleship with a mentor in one to one way and a group of mentees with one mentor.

  • Follow Up using our discipleship tools.

  • Zoom Groups talks 

  • Seminars, training, and empowerment to share their faith. 


Our goal is to train mentors and online missioners to become qualified laborers for Christ wherever they are and where they go. We help them to grow into life-long disciples through:

  • Coaching them and following them on their mentorship journey. 

  • mission opportunities on our online platform: TMM and telegram chatbot and more. 

  • Encouraging serving in their local church

  • Educating about ministry wherever they are 

Meet the Team!

As you know Cru ( Campus Crusade for Christ ) has no central funds for paying salaries and personal ministry expenses.

Like many other mission organizations, this ministry depends upon the consistent financial support of concerned individuals and churches. These contributions are used to fund my ministries and my livelihood.

As for us, for the entire time I have served as full-time, God has, again and again, met my financial needs by bringing people into my life who will partner with me and my team in giving generously and consistently.

Because of their commitment, many lives are being touched for Jesus even today. Our work will not be possible without our partners who see and share our vision. We are proud to call them our partners; they’re more than mere donors, but the same workers in Christ who share the burden of missions. It is our responsibility and privilege to include men and women in the work of God. I invite you to join my ministry and partners who give generously to support my ministry.

Financial Goal & Commitment

My current financial goal to meet the ministry need is as follows:


10 who will give $100/mo

And commitment to my partners are

  • To work diligently to touch lives for Jesus Christ

  • To regularly let you know what is happening in my ministry

  • To be a faithful financial steward

  • To continually share prayer requests and to pray for one another

Your Commitment

Your partnership can make a difference in reaching people for Christ.

Would you make a monthly commitment of $100 or some other amount?

Partner With Cherinet Alemu

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