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Denamo Markos

Software Developer

My name is Denamo Markos, and I have a passion for technology that has guided my educational and professional journey. Growing up in Hawassa, a city 275 km south of the capital Addis Ababa, I discovered my love for computers and games at an early age. I attended Hawassa SOS Hermann Gmeiner School and later pursued software engineering at the prestigious Addis Ababa Institute of Technology. Over five years of study, I immersed myself in the fascinating realm of software development, constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to expand my skills.

Intrigued by the potential of technology to make a positive impact, I encountered the concept of digital strategies during high school. This encounter ignited my interest in leveraging technology to support the spread of the gospel and advance the kingdom of God. Participating in an indigitous #hack event further solidified my passion and set me on a trajectory where faith and technological expertise intersected. Throughout my university years, I actively engaged with the DS (Digital Strategies) team, participating in hackathons, summer internships, and formal education internships. This involvement refined my skills, deepened my understanding of digital strategies, and broadened my horizons in the realm of technology-driven ministry.

Following my graduation, I officially joined the DS team as a developer, embarking on an exciting professional journey. Since then, I have contributed my technical prowess to various projects, utilizing my skills in software engineering to create innovative solutions. In addition to my professional pursuits, I find joy in playing and watching football, as well as immersing myself in computer games for relaxation and enjoyment. With an unwavering dedication to technology and a commitment to advancing the kingdom of God, I am driven to make a meaningful impact in the field of software engineering and digital strategies. I eagerly embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, ready to shape a better future through technology.

Skill and Educational Background

I am a skilled Developer and Machine Learning Engineer with a strong academic background in Software Engineering. I graduated with Great Distinction from Addis Ababa University, where I honed my expertise in various areas of software development. My skills include Web and Mobile Frontend development, Game development, Bot development, Machine Learning Algorithms, Data Modeling and Evaluation, Neural Networks, and Natural Language Processing. I have also completed a Data Science and Machine Learning Engineering program at 10 Academy, further enhancing my knowledge and capabilities. With my solid educational foundation and diverse skill set, I am well-equipped to tackle projects and contribute to the great commission.

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