Ds Staff

Eyosiyas Ketema

UX Designer

Eyosiyas Ketema is a UX designer who was born in Bale Agarfa College, located in the southeastern part of Ethiopia. After attending high school in Adama, he pursued his higher education at Bahirdar University in the northern part of Ethiopia, where he studied software engineering. he heard about Digital strategy when he was a Campus student. he was serving on a digital strategy team on his campus.
Then, after graduating in 2021, he was invited to participate in a hackathon hosted by the Great Commission's digital strategy team. After participating in the hackathon, he decided to serve God with this Great team. Eyosiyas has a keen interest in the designing industry, particularly in product design, user experience design, design thinking, and solution making. With his skills and passion, he aims to make a significant impact in the industry and create innovative solutions that can benefit people worldwide. Moreover, he is committed to using his knowledge and skill to contribute to God's kingdom and help fulfill the Great Commission.

Skills and Academic Background

I have an academic background in software engineering. In addition to my degree, I have also obtained certifications in Design Thinking, User Interface Design, and Design System. Alongside my technical expertise, I possess a strong skill set in graphic design, allowing me to create visually appealing and engaging designs for various mediums. My academic background and skills combine to drive my passion for creating user-centric and aesthetically pleasing experiences in both product development and graphic design.

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