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Samson Usmael

Digital Strategy Leader

Samson Usmael is a Family guy, a Leader and a Passionate Tech Enthusiast working to Advance the Kingdome of God.

He studied Electrical and computer engineering, for the past 10 years, Samson has been taking part in Filmmaking Game development, software development, training leaders serving the younger generation and so …

Most people know him with the name SamiYeja. Samson used to be an Atheist who believes that he is his own god and his friends used to call him Sami Ja - Ja means God. So After christ found him Samson changed his common name to be Sami Yeja basically when you add “YE” in Amharic it means it belongs to.

Starting from his university time, Samson dedicated his life to glorify God in his Generation and He helped millions to hear about christ using the digital platforms and helped raise thousands of multiplying digital missionaries. 


As A Young Leader, he is passionate about using technology for Evangelism and Discipleship. He serves as a Digital Missionary at Great Commission Ministry Ethiopia and he is the National Director for Digital Strategies, he is raising a new breed of Digital missionaries who have the digitals skills like programming, photography, designing, cinematography, blogging, writing and so on to advance the kingdom of God.

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