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Desta Samuel

Leadership Development

Desta Samuel Balla, serving in the Geographical Expansion Department as a coach, emphasizes the importance of family, as reflected in his dedication to his wife, Abebech Deressa Yadete, and their six children and nine grandchildren. Having devoted 25 years to the ministry, Desta holds a Diploma in Theology, a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, a Master's in Leadership, and a Doctorate Degree in Entrepreneurship, showcasing his diverse educational background and qualifications.

In his role, Desta specializes in providing training and counseling, with notable achievements including coordinating the Professionals (Leader Impact) department and conducting Transformational Leadership Movement (TLM) training for church leaders across the country. This initiative has led to the establishment of new churches and widespread spiritual growth.

Desta's passion lies in training and counseling, and outside of work, he enjoys reading books. He finds fulfillment in projects like the Transformational Leadership Movement, which has had a profound impact on churches and communities nationwide. Motivated by his commitment to teaching, counseling, and witnessing transformed lives, Desta navigates challenges through prayer and seeking advice from experienced mentors. With aspirations to see excellent and influential Christ-like leaders, Desta advises aspiring professionals in his field to focus on presenting clear vision, developing workable strategies, and achieving financial independence.

While currently not taking on additional roles or responsibilities within the ministry, Desta prioritizes work-life balance by placing importance on family, focusing on his strengths, and involving others in ministry activities. Colleagues or clients seeking collaboration or assistance can reach out to Desta through physical addresses, telephone, and social media platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, and email.

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