GET Staff

Getachew Endale


Getachew Endale serves in the TLM Department of the Geographical Expansion Strategy, focusing on teaching and training. He joined the ministry as a full staff member in May 2012 and holds a diverse educational background, including a diploma in Agriculture from Ambo University, a Master's in Civil Engineering from Moscow University, and a Bachelor's Degree in Counseling from Ethiopian Theological College (ETC).

Throughout his tenure, Getachew has held positions such as Operations Director and Leader Strategy Director, contributing significantly to the ministry's growth and development. What he enjoys most about working at the ministry is assisting professionals in reaching and making disciples. Outside of work, Getachew finds pleasure in playing football, swimming, and reading books.

A memorable experience for Getachew was participating in the construction of the main office while serving as Operations Director and providing Training of the TLGS for professionals as the Leader Strategy Director.

His calling motivates him to excel in his role, and he handles challenges and setbacks by employing various strategies and collaborating with his staff. Getachew's goal is to continue serving the ministry with dedication and excellence. His advice to aspiring professionals in his field is to prioritize prayer, unity, and mutual understanding for fruitful outcomes.

Aside from his primary responsibilities, Getachew maintains a work-life balance by nurturing his personal relationship with God, family, and colleagues through spiritual discipline. Colleagues or clients seeking collaboration or assistance can reach out to Getachew through various means, including visiting the office, contacting him at home or church, or using phone or digital communication.

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