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Selam Getachew

Graphics Designer

My name is Selam Getachew, and I am a graphics designer. I grew up in Harar, Ethiopia, where I attended elementary, primary, and secondary school. During my free time, I enjoyed playing games, sketching, and making digital drawings. I also had a passion for reading and writing stories and poems. After completing my secondary education, I enrolled in the Architecture and Urban Planning department at Arba Minch Institute of Technology. While in college, I was involved in the education team on Campus, which focused on bible study, disciplining, salivation, and preparing teaching materials for Christian students on campus. After graduation, I worked for several organizations before joining GCME's Digital Strategy Department as a graphics designer. However, my journey to serving God began when a close friend passed away. He always said that he was not afraid of death because he had lived his life according to God's will. Although we initially laughed at his words, they stayed with me. At his funeral, another colleague echoed his sentiments about being unafraid of death. I asked myself if I was confident enough to say the same thing to God. That's when I decided to use my design skills to serve God with confidence and courage. Now, I am grateful to be serving God through my work at GCME.

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