Training, Equipping, Envisioning, and Empowering Professionals and Executives from Business, Religion, Government, and Media

Leader Impact

Our Leader-led movement strives to reach professionals and Executives in their marketplace and to see spiritual movements for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. There are four major domains under the Leader Impact. These are:

1. Abigail professional women’s Network

About 32 Professional women took Transformational Leadership and Governance Seminar (TLGS), 45 professionals took mentoring training and 35 of them are engaged in the orphan mentoring program. About 35 professional women also took Prayer, Care and Share training (PCS). And after the training, 35 professional women exposed to the Gospel and 10 women came to Christ and are being followed up. Additionally, we had a vision sharing program for 18 women in Bahir Dar about Abigail Professional Women’s Network.

2. Executive and Senior Professionals

In the executive ministry, 205 executives from business and higher government officials attended the Transformational Leadership and Governance Seminar (TLGS). Previous TLGS Alumni are getting higher governmental positions. In addition to this, we gave the PCS (Pray, Care and Share) training for 12 higher government officials. After the training, they were able to reach 10 higher officials from whom six decided to follow Christ and four of them are being followed up

3. Athlete in Action (AIA)

Leadership development seminar training was given to 45 athletes and PCS (Pray, Care and Share) training was given to 95 football coaches and 70 other athletic professionals. Character and value assessments training was also given to 50 coaches. 200 people heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the AIA strategy out of whom 25 decided to follow Christ and 10 people are now taking follow-up courses.

4. Young Professionals

About 38 young professionals were trained on how to use the Jesus film, short videos and PCS for evangelism. After they received the training, they were able to peach Jesus to 680 people while 126 decided to follow Christ and 9 people are now under follow-up. A vision sharing program about our young professional ministry was also conducted in Addis Ababa Jemo and Bole, Bishoftu, Meda Welabu, Jimma, and Metu University


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