Great Commission Ministry-Ethiopia has started Church planting program in partnership with local churches and denominations since 2015.


In Ethiopia there are 35,000 local churches and estimated 20 million believers (about 20% of the 105 million total population of the country). Through our church-led movement, we aimed to equip churches to be healthy and multiplying. This movement has 5 sub-sections under it.


  • Church Planting and Multiplication

  • The North-East Initiative (Missionary Sending)

  • Women for Change Movement

  • Church Leadership Training

  • Children Ministry

1. Church Planting and Multiplication

Using the MC2 (Multiplying Churches and Communities) curriculum, we provided training for 1,109 church planters from 23 different locations.

Furthermore, we were able to help them through coaching and mentoring to plant new churches and multiply. In addition, we used mass evangelism tools such as The Jesus Film that has proven to be effective in our context. In this year, our teams were able to help plant 497 churches and fellowships; 201,857 people heard the Good News, 14,486 decided to follow Christ and 3,199 of them are under follow-up.


2. The North-East Initiative (Missionary Sending)

The North-East initiative (NEI) is a missionary sending strategy for unreached people groups in the North and Eastern part of Ethiopia. The Northern part is mostly dominated by the Ethiopian Orthodox Christians and the Eastern part is dominated by Muslim population. Through NEI strategy, we recruit, train and deploy local missionaries who know the culture and context of the two major groups. We have employed 200 full time missionaries partnering with Berea International Gospel Ministry.

  • People who heard the Gospel - 114,387

  • People who decided to follow Christ - 7,247

  • People who went through follow-up - 3,300

  • People who were baptized - 1,291

  • Churches and groups that were planted - 139

  • Church leaders that were trained - 434

3. Women for Change Movement

  • Women’s ministry is part of the church-led movement and has a vision to launch a movement by mobilizing women that account for half of the Christian community. Women are daughters, mothers, sisters and wives. They also have a great impact in bringing transformation within the society. Therefore, GCME strives in assisting women to pray in accordance to the Scriptures in their local churches and motivate them to multiply themselves from home, neighborhoods and the community.

  • About 614 women were mobilized in 51 prayer groups. In addition, out of the 2500 women who participated in the ‘Harar Rise and Shine Conference, 1,612 women have taken a Character and Evangelism training in 5 strategic towns.

  • Through the Lydia Evangelism and Discipleship Movement, 12 women from Addis Ababa, 11 women from Hawassa, and 90 women from Chencha were mobilized for a week-long mission in Chencha. In this mission, several methods such as one-to-one evangelism, mass evangelism and Magdalene Jesus film were used. 2,051 women have taken Evangelism and Discipleship training.

  • Through our women ministry in this year, 30,447 souls heard the Good News through one-to-one evangelism and the Magdalena film while 3,915 decided to follow Christ and 1,306 of them are currently under follow up.

Church Leadership Training

  • In supporting the existing and newly planted churches, we organized church leadership (pastoral) training in Addis Ababa and different parts of Ethiopia. Pastoral training was held from January 23-25, 2018 in Addis Ababa and was organized by GCME. The theme of the training was “Holistic Missional Leadership” where 415 church pastors participated. God lifted up the hearts of the leaders for His mission through the training. In addition, we gave discipleship, conflict resolution method, Christ center preaching and romans project trainings to 964 pastors church leaders.

  • In another pastors training program, a one-year program with four phases, we have 623 church pastors and leaders in the process. The goal of the program is to help new and existing church pastors to grow in their Bible reading, studying, memorizing and meditation habit; and to help them develop preaching and teaching their church members from a Bible. In each phase, we gave them different lessons; the lessons were on the stories of the Bible and how to study it, how to preach and basics of the Word. In each phase the participants were expected to attend four and a half day of intensive training and to work on assignments between each phase. The assignments include:

  • Finishing reading the whole bible by reading three and half chapter each day.

  • Recruiting and giving the same training for five church leaders from their own church or from their area.

  • Arranging similar Bible study schedule, prayer and fellowship time with their own family.

  • Conducting evangelism

  • Planting one church or fellowship at the end of the training (one-year duration)

Children Ministry

Children are a priority to God. Therefore, Great Commission Ministry Ethiopia in partnership with AWANA children ministry strives to reach children and parents through evangelism and discipleship. In our children ministry, we offer empowerment training for church leaders and Sunday school teachers. In the current year, we offered six major Children ministers training in Harar, Jimma, Duramie, Shakiso, Gondar and Dire Dewa. Throughout the country, 591 Sunday school teachers and church leaders took ‘AWANA Children Sunday School Curriculum’ training from 154 local churches. The number of children under these churches is about 10,920.

In one-to-one evangelism and ‘children Jesus film show’, 1,187 children and parents heard the Gospel and 312 decided to follow Christ.


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